Research Grant



GOAL: The goal of the AAPINA Research Grant Program is to provide funds for pilot and feasibility studies in preparation for larger grant applications.

ELIGIBILITY/REQUIREMENTS: The Principal Investigator (PI) eligible to receive AAPINA Research Grant Support funds must:
1. Have been an active AAPINA member for two consecutive years PRIOR to the application and currently hold an active membership.
2. Have a full time appointment in an academic institution
3. Provide evidence of a program of research
4. Primary capstone or dissertation projects are not eligible
5. Submit a CV, Research Proposal focusing on AAPI population (5-6 pages), including budget; an essay addressing research potential; and commitment to serving AAPINA (1 page)
6. Submit two letters of recommendation from either the applicant’s director, supervisor, or mentors addressing the following areas: 1) research performance, 2) leadership, and 3) commitment to diversity
7. Submit a midterm and final report and present findings at the next AAPINA Conference
8. Show progress towards submitting for large external funding ($50,000 or more). If funds are not expended in 12-18 months, the account will be closed, and funds used to support other studies.
9. Reference support of AAPINA on all publications and presentations

1. Proposal Application with a focus on AAPI population (APPENDIX A)
2. Biosketch
3. Personal essay
4. Two letters of recommendation

1. The selection by the Scholarship and Awards Committee will be based on the applicant’s proposal, potential for future funding, leadership skills, and participation in AAPINA.
2. The Committee will assign at least 2 Reviewers who will evaluate the proposal using the Evaluation Criteria (based on current NIH criteria) (APPENDIX B)
3. The Committee will make a decision on the awardee(s) and send a written recommendation to the Executive Board, who will make the final decision to award and notify the Committee.
4. The President of AAPINA will notify the awardee(s)
5. Funds will be made available following documentation of IRB approval in the form a check to the awardee. He/she will have to pay applicable taxes on it.

Application deadline: December 10
Deadline for Committee decision: January 7

The awardee must present their results at the Spring Annual AAPINA Conference.

Chairperson of the Scholarship and Award Committee

Please provide the complete application information electronically in one e-mail (AATN: AAPINA Research Grant). The complete package should be sent to the Awards Committee Chair, Dr. Rei Serafica at

Click here to download and view the full grant submission guidelines (including application format and evaluation criteria)