Asian Pacific Island Nursing Journal

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The Asian Pacific Island Nursing Journal, which provides a peer-reviewed international forum for the exchange of knowledge in relation to Asian, Asian American, and Pacific Islander health and nursing care, has selected UNLV School of Nursing as publisher with Dr. Jillian Inouye as editor-in-chief, Kirsten Connelly as managing editor, and Dr. Carolyn Yucha as consulting editor.

The online journal’s new home resides on Digital Scholarship@UNLV,  the institutional repository of the university’s scholarship and research, serving as a voice for nursing and other health care providers, and offers a forum for empirical, theoretical, and methodological issues related to Asian Pacific Islander ethnic/cultural values and beliefs, as well as biological and physiological phenomena that can affect nursing care.

Asian Pacific Island Nursing serves as the official journal for the Asian American Pacific Islander Nurses Association.

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