Okura Foundation Grant

Okura Mental Health Leadership Scholars

Accepting applications for 2017 Okura Mental Health Leadership Program

AAPINA received the Okura Mental Health Leadership Foundation Scholarship Development grant for Asian/Pacific Islander nurses working in the area of mental health. This is a three year grant which begins in 2014. We are looking for members who are interested in applying to be a fellow in this leadership and scholarship development program. We are also looking for senior members qualified to serve as mentors. If you are selected as a fellow you will be matched with a mentor based on similar areas of interest. This mentorship program will include coaching and instructional sessions on: navigating academia and clinical practice; dissemination of research results; networking skills; developing effective communication skills in leadership roles; reciprocity; art of negotiation; and conflict resolution.

The aims of this proposed leadership and scholarship development program are: 1. Provide leadership and scholarship mentoring programs to promising API nurses interested in the mental health needs of Asian American (AA) and Native Hawaiian/other Pacific Islanders (NHOPI). Specifically, to develop leaders in the mental health field through research and clinical practice. 2. Develop professional and leadership skills of nurses at various levels in the field of mental health nursing.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Gonzalez at: ewg22@drexel.edu

2015 Scholars

  • Hyunhwa Lee, PhD, PMHNP-BC  (University of Nevada Las Vegas): Genetic factors  in PTSD &TBI
  • Jinjiao (Jasmine) Wang, PhD candidate, RN (Columbia University): Quality of psychiatric care in Asian Elders
  • Nafanua Braginski, PhD, DNP candidate, NP-C (University of Hawaii): Psychological problems of patients with type 2 diabetes
  • Marife Armstrong PhD, RN (The Queen’s Medical Center, Honolulu): Screening of depression in Asian populations
  • Nada Lukkahatai, PhD, RN (University of Nevada Las Vegas): Symptom Management (pain/fatigue) in chronic illness in US Thai residents
  • Sujayalakshmi Devarayasamudram, PhD, RN (North Carolina Central University): Mental health issues and urinary incontinence among Indian women
  • Randelle Sasa, MA,RN  (New York City, NY):  stress, coping  and mental health among Filipino Immigrants.
  • Ariane Man-Wilrich, BSN (Drexel University): holistic healthcare among Asian Americans
  • Yvonne Yokono, BA, DNP student (University of Hawaii at Manoa): cultural competence and mental health in Hawaiian population chronic illness
  • Johnelle Chock, BS, MS, PhD student (Department of Health, Public Health Nursing Branch in Kaneohe, HI): Falls in Older Adults using CBPR

2015 Mentors

  • Yu Ping Chang, PhD, RN (University at Buffalo)
  • Elizabeth W Gonzalez, PhD, PMHCNS-BC (Drexel University)
  • Jillian Inouye, PhD, FAAN, (University of Nevada Las Vegas)
  • Heeyoung Lee, PhD, CRNP (University of Pittsburgh)
  • Mijung Park, PhD, MPH, RN (University of Pittsburgh)

2014 Scholars

  • Yu Ping Chang, PhD, RN (University at Buffalo) : Family caregiving and Substance abuse/addiction
  • Heeyoung Lee, PhD, PMHNP ( University of Pittsburgh): Physical activity interventions in persons with serious mental illness
  • Mijung Park, PhD, MPH, RN (University of Pittsburgh): Metabolic symptoms and mood disorders in Asian American populations
  • Rhigel Alforque Tan, DNP, PMHNP,GNP (University of Nevada Las Vegas): Eliminating Social stigma out of mental health care
  • Marianne Bundalian Tejada, MSN, RN (University of Nevada Las Vegas): Quality of life in cancer patients
  • Kamomilani Andula Wong, FNP (Hawaii Pacific University): Health and well-being of Hawaiian Kopona Elders

2014 Mentors

  • Elizabeth W Gonzalez, PhD, PMHCNS-BC: Drexel University
  • Jillian Inouye, PhD, FAAN: University of Nevada Las Vegas
  • Eunjung Kim, PhD, ARNP: University of Washington