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Welcome to the Gerontology/Geriatrics section of our Web Site. On October 2005, AAPINA received a grant from the Nurse Competency on Aging (NCA) program to help improve the quality of life and health care of older people, including culturally diverse ethnic groups, by disseminating information on aging to AAPINA members and other professional nurses from specialty groups.

Professional nurses have a pivotal role in delivering high quality, culturally competent care to older adults. Developing an awareness and appreciation of the complexity of eldercare can help nurses acquire better insight and sensitivity towards older persons and more specifically elders of color and their caregivers.

The NCA intiative seeks to improve the quality of health care older adults receive by enhancing the geriatric competence of nurses who professionally identify as members of a specialty nursing organization. Providing a web-based comprehensive geriatric nursing resource center is one of its goal. To access this resource visit


The AAPINA leadership took up the challenge and as an NCA grantee, the organization is now a member of a network called the American Nurses Association -Specialty Nursing Association Partners in Geriatrics (ANA-SNAPG). An important membership benefit is access to other professional nursing groups that are involved in the dissemination of gerontology and geriatrics information.

The Nurse Competency in Aging (NCA) is a 5 year initiative funded by the Atlantic Philantrophies, Inc., awarded to the American Nurses Association (ANA) through the American Nurses Foundation (ANF) and represents a strategic alliance between ANA, the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) and the John A. Hartford Foundation Institute of Geriatric Nursing, New York University College of Nursing.

How can you participate?

The 18-month, AAPINA/NCA project brings current and research-based information to the membership through workshops at the annual conferences, newsletter, members’ listserv, and this new page on our web site. We encourage you to use the information in your practice, academic and continuing education, community involvement, family interactions, and other meaningful, creative ways to apply acquired knowledge. Share your story or the results of your nursing actions by sending your comments to the AAPINA listserv,

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