2017 Scholarships and Awards applications are now open

The Asian American/Pacific Islander Nurses Association (AAPINA) is pleased to award $1000 to one of its members pursuing an undergraduate or a graduate nursing degree. The purpose of this scholarship is to support nursing education for AAPINA members and thus, enhance the contribution of our membership in achieving AAPINA’s core mission.

Also, the 2017 Yu (Philip) Xu Mentoring Award ($500) is now open to current AAPINA mentors.

There are also three additional new awards this year:

The Ethnic Minority Nursing Award ($800), The GeroPsychiatric Nursing award ($1,000), and The Research Grant Award ( $5,000). Please see individual awards for eligibility, due dates, and requirements. These scholarships and awards are in addition to the Okura Foundation mentor and mentee award opportunities. The scholarships and awards will be presented at the Spring Annual AAPINA conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.